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30 delicious
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also paper, paint brushes
and tea & coffee.
Slide background No experience is required No painting technique is taught No mistakes ever happen, so there is nothing to fix No product, no progress or goals, no place to get to No analysing or searching for meaning No pressure to perform or produce No control needed just moving spontaneously without a plan No judgements, no right or wrong, good or bad, ugly or beautiful No comments or critiques are ever made about your painting
Slide background Everything is provided,
in a safe and caring environment.
Come join in the fun!!

Course & Weekend Workshops Details


verything is provided: Gentle Breath Meditation. Life lessons. Encouragement. Inspiration. Appreciation. Opportunities for growth. Friendship. Sisterhood. Understanding. Compassion. Love. And naturally, 30 delicious pots of Paint, Paper, Brushes, Canvas boards, Palettes and even some morning tea!

All you need to bring is your curiosity, smile and a willingness to have fun and experiment.

Note: All costs and dates/times are subject to change. Concession available. Please read our Terms & Conditions.

7 Week Courses:

2020 Courses

Term Start Date End Date Status Length Time Day Cost
1 11th Feb 18th March 6 weeks 9.50 am - 1.00 pm Thurs $295
2 29th April 10th June 7 weeks 9.50 am - 1.00 pm Thurs $345
3 22nd Jul 2nd Sept 7 weeks 9.50 am - 1.00 pm Thurs $345
4 14th Oct 25th Nov 7 weeks 9.50 am - 1.00 pm Thurs $345
Note: Courses are limited to 5 people. So please advise me as soon as possible if you would like to join us. Please read our Terms & Conditions.

In the painting process we discover that the way you paint will expose the way you live. It awakens us to our ideals and beliefs and the old thought patterns and habits that keep us stuck and in fear of the past and the future and not being good enough.

Gentle Breath Meditation and the painting process are useful tools to expand the level of awareness in your body and its innate intelligence, and assist you to become consciously present.

Weekend Workshops:

I am now running my Weekend Workshops from my apartment for a limited number of between 2 and 5 people.

There are no set dates for weekend workshops but they are available whenever you want to play and have fun with paper and paint. All we need to do is find a date that suits us both and voila it happens!

If you are interested in a Weekend Workshops you can make up your own group and I can tailor it to your specific needs and time. Contact me and we will find a time that suits us both. 10.00 am till 4.00 pm.

Private 1 on 1 Sessions are also available. Please specify your preference.

The cost for a weekend workshops is: $300.

The Testimonial below is from a group of friends who grabbed a window of opportunity last year and did a weekend workshop at my apartment in Martha Cove.

"We have all had a wonderful uplifting two days and leave energised and inspired. Thank you for creating a wonderful space and energy for us to simply "be" in joy and laughter and play. This weekend has meant so much on many levels. Again, thank you."

Please for more details. If you don't know anyone who would like to join you then I can put a workshop together for you.

Venue (for both the 7-week Classes and Weekend Workshops):

My apartment: Martha Cove Marina.. Safety Beach. On the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. (Melbourne, Australia)

My apartment is not huge but quite beautiful and we look at the waterway where the boats sail past to go out to Safety Beach.

Note: Because my apartment is not very big, the numbers are limited to a maximum of 5, so be quick to secure your place.

Teaching On-Line:

Last year as we couldn't be together in person, a group of painters continued together via zoom to stay connected, support each other and continue with the same discussions about our life lessons and did a Meditation same as we do in the weekly painting classes.

This will be available in the future if, God forbid, we are shut down again.

With no classes happening for most of last year there was an enquiry from a painter who really wanted to learn about the Painting Process, so as an experiment, we dived straight into an on-line class. It was an experiment as I was not convinced it would work. Quite the contrary happened and we are going to continue to share the course on-line as the painter lives too far away to attend in person.

In the past there has been many who have said they would like to attend but distance is the problem, now classes are offered on-line and they are fun.

If you live too far away to join the classes and are interested in an on-line programme, please ring me to discuss.


For further enquires please phone: Cheryl Opie 0428 820 100
or eMail:

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2021 Newsletter

Hi Friends and Painters

Firstly, no Covid talk!

Here we are at the beginning of a new cycle around the the sun. Are we prepared for it, if not, how can we do that?

There are many tools we can store in our personal tool box and we all have different things that may work for us.

One of the tools we can all use is Appreciation, but why can it seem so hard? Maybe it's because we first have to appreciate all that is at fault and be totally ok with that, not have any tension, not have a focus on where you have to or should be, because if you judge it, it will never work.

We are so used to not being kind to ourself, we can even be self-loathing which can now be termed self-loading. :-)

Appreciate that things happen in their right time, you may want it to happen now but you may need to heal something first. We have to appreciate ourselves first here, where we are, otherwise we can't go to the next step.

When we appreciate ourselves in full then we can take that to the next level.

The words above can be used for living and for painting, not having any tension around what you paint especially if you are telling yourself you do not like it, it's wrong, no good, I'm hopeless etc. it's all been heard before in the classes.

We can practice, we can be awe-willing, being in wonderment, which can lead to resourcefulness and being more present with everything, ie, feeling the magic and appreciating everything.

Have you noticed people grow a couple of inches when they are appreciated? Try it on yourself.

A gentle reminder that I am now a Commonwealth Authorised Marriage and Civil Celebrant and would love to be your choice if you are looking for a Celebrant whether that be for a Funeral, Wedding, Living Wake, Baby Naming or any other celebratory occasion.

Check out the website:
Mobile: 0428 820 100

Looking forward to reconnecting with you,
With love,