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30 delicious
paint colours
also paper, paint brushes
and tea & coffee.
Slide background No experience is required No painting technique is taught No mistakes ever happen, so there is nothing to fix No product, no progress or goals, no place to get to No analysing or searching for meaning No pressure to perform or produce No control needed just moving spontaneously without a plan No judgements, no right or wrong, good or bad, ugly or beautiful No comments or critiques are ever made about your painting
Slide background Everything is provided,
in a safe and caring environment.
Come join in the fun!!

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Cheryl will not be conducting any Classes, 6 Week Courses or Weekend Workshops until further notice.


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2022 Newsletter

Hi Friends and Painters

We have just completed another cycle around the sun, welcome to 2022. 🥰

Did you make a New Years resolution? Some people don't bother anymore because they know they won't stick to them but others have good intentions and often make the same resolutions year after year.

And, as so often happens, we travel around the sun for another 365 days and nothing much changes and we wonder why we feel a dissatisfaction or frustration with our lives. But this can change!

It is mostly because we are unaware of our mind talking about the same old thoughts, habits, patterns, ideals or beliefs that run us.

As I have said before, the way we paint will expose the way we think, talk and live. The things we say to our self while we paint are the very same words we use about our self every day, mostly judgements, criticisms and put downs.

How might you begin to change these incessant patterns? Can you make space to stop and care for you and join our weekly painting sessions, learn more about your self while having fun painting?

In this 1st term we are focusing on SELF CARE. What does self care mean for you? Eating well, sleeping well, exercise? Having some 'me' time? Spa baths, candles burning etc.

These things are an integral part of self care, however if we put it under the spotlight there is much more to consider. We will be looking at a deeper understanding of how self care can be developed and claimed within us.

A key part of this is committing to life to truly live well in this world in joy, love and truth, which is in fact our natural way.

Make space to stop and care for you. 🎨

Investment: $295 for the 6 weeks. Everything is provided, good quality paints, brushes, palettes, paper, a choice of teas and a gluten free, dairy free snack.

All you have to bring is your beautiful self.

Please contact me asap if you wish to join our beautiful painting community as space is very limited.

Ring or if you would like to book in, and if you would like more information give me a ring 0428 820 100.

I look forward to seeing you with a paintbrush in your hand and having fun.
With love,

P.S. For those of you who don't know, I have qualified as a Civil Celebrant and am now available for funerals, living wakes, weddings, elopements, naming ceremonies, in fact just about anything you would like to celebrate.

Please look at my wonderful website:
Mobile: 0428 820 100