Painting from Within with Cheryl, Melbourne Australia

An Explanation of the Painting Process


nyone who can hold a paintbrush can paint.

If we want to paint we have two options:

1.  We can learn about colour, technique, balance, perspective etc. and then we may be able to portray what we like.

But is this enough? Don't we want our painting to look good, be alive and unique as well?


2.  To develop our own unique style by allowing our heart and soul freedom to express, respond and invent.... we can transcend learned techniques and experience freedom and spontaneity whilst developing trust.

This process is not just about painting a picture, it is about using painting as a tool for self expression. We play, have an adventure and practice coming from deep within our-self, while developing greater awareness of our body.

The tools to paint are naturally within us - an instinctual urge to play and paint with colour and form as we did when we were children.

What the painting process can expose?

It is quite amazing to watch the painting process expose the way that we think and live and how the exact same fear or judgement that blocks us in our painting will be the same habitual belief or ideal, story or emotion that blocks us in our daily life.

Fear and judgements limit our freedom and our ability to express.

What happens when we have a creative block and our brush stops moving?

If we observe what is going on we may find that judgements, beliefs, ideals, pressure to perform, comparison, wanting, needing, rigid rules, negative thoughts, self-worth issues and trying to control outcomes will be exposed, thus keeping us disconnected from who we are.

When we need our painting to look good we have a belief in good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure, we have expectations and attachments.

Developing our own unique style.

The real focus in this painting process is how we are while we are painting and not on a projected outcome.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong, success and failure do not exist. It is impossible to do it wrong!

We give our-self permission to be spontaneous, explore and invent.... we feel and paint from a gentle and non-judgemental place within ourselves.

Once we understand the principles of the painting process it removes the pressure of performing, something within relaxes and a deeper connection to our body can be re-established. In trusting that connection, colours and images can flow freely and joyfully on to the paper.

All we need is the willingness to play, be surprised and have fun.

"The freedom of expressing yourself has a lot of wisdom."

~ Serge Benheyon.